March 2023

The Four Key Live Shopping KPIs – #1 Viewership

This is the first of a four-part series that will help you to make sense of the most important Live Shopping KPIs: viewership, watch time, engagement and conversion.

What is viewership in Live Shopping?

To put it simply, viewership is the number of customers your Live Shopping content attracts.
There are different types of viewership stats: unique views (the total unique viewers), repeat views (viewers who left and returned), live views (viewers who watched while the event was live) and recorded views (viewers who watched on-demand).
Live Shopping viewership is a very important metric, and it means a lot more than traditional livestream viewership on social media platforms. Live Shopping viewers aren’t half-interested in content they can easily scroll past, they’re invested in your brand, they stay tuned while browsing your products pages and they make purchases in a familiar environment.

The role of viewership in the customer journey

Viewership is a great way to assess what works and what doesn’t in relation to grabbing your customers’ attention and keeping it. As a metric, it plays a key role early in the vital awareness phase of the customer journey and delicate stage of the purchase funnel. 
The introduction to a product is typically the part of the funnel with the most opt-outs, so use a marketing strategy to drive maximum viewers to your Live Shopping events, and keep the event engaging throughout to retain as many as possible.
Viewership is a great way to assess what works and what doesn’t
- Cecilia Demant, Head of Bambuser Academy

What else can Live Shopping viewership tell you?

Viewership is a useful KPI to gauge how well customers respond to certain products, product categories or themes within Live Shopping. It can help you figure out which certain products, product types, topics or even hosts are working well with Live Shopping. Viewership can even tell you a lot about how your customers perceive the launch of a new product.
It’s also useful for building long term engagement. The chances are if you can convince a customer to tune into a Live Shopping event, you can get them to watch another. This is critical if you want to build up a loyal fanbase of people regularly consuming your content, and it represents a great opportunity for up-selling and repeat purchasing down the line.

Live Shopping viewing time

One of the strongest metrics we see within our customer base at Bambuser is the incredible 13-minute average customer viewing time for Live Shopping events. This is unheard of in today’s media landscape where attention spans are decreasing by the day shown in the XXX-minute average viewing time on traditional ecommerce sites.

No viewers means no sales

It’s as simple as that. Growing your Live Shopping viewership is growing your conversion, your understanding of what your customers want to see, and the buzz around your brand.

Learn how to boost viewership

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