March 2023

Bambuser Academy: Video Commerce Made Easy

Bambuser Academy is the world’s first and only e-learning platform offering vital education on every aspect of Video Commerce.
From guidance on production, hosting, strategy and script writing, to best practices for driving traffic and creating commercially successful content, Bambuser Academy has you covered.
The platform has already helped brands achieve better stats, with a luxury beauty retailer revealing a 62% increase in conversion, 30% increase in viewer watching time, and 15% increase in engagement.
Another multi-brand retailer has used the expertise of Bambuser Academy to grow viewer watching time by 84%, revenue by 71% and viewership figures by an incredible 290%
Bambuser Academy helps businesses do better with Live Shopping and so much more, and it’s now revamped to deliver our expertise even more effectively.

- Cecilia Demant, Head of Bambuser Academy

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To celebrate one year of Bambuser Academy, the platform is expanding as a subscription service with a new, more intuitive webpage at an exclusive 2023 price.
To help businesses find the exact information they need, the growing bank of educational resources – including courses, classes, reports, webinars and topical articles – will now be offered in a smarter, more intuitive way.
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